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Carl and I wanted to thank your team, and especially YOU BOTH again for your amazing work planning this wedding and for your absolutely impressive work. You have put together a wonderful team of people! It was so hectic with so many people and so many moving parts and unexpected things, but you two made it all go smoothly. And everything was so beautiful and perfect. Every single person there including Carl and I had a blast! (You can tell since we needed to extend an hour- thank you for helping with that!)

I know we've already seen you in person to thank you already, but we wanted to thank you again here for all your hard work and professionalism throughout the wedding planning process, and especially for our wedding day.  You two are truly an amazing pair and have put together an incredibly remarkable team, including all the partners you have in the whole wedding industry.

Carl & I cannot imagine how we could have had such an amazing wedding without you two! Especially the day of our wedding, I don't think we would have known what to do/where to go without your team and the incredible Ritz staff.
I had no idea and did not even worry about what time it was throughout the whole day (until towards the end when the banquet was running late and we were worried about the dancing, haha), because I fully trusted and saw how professionally your team managed the time/coordination and handled all situations that came about. There was not a single moment where we worried about where we had to go/what we had to do because you or your team were guiding us almost every single minute!

We will no doubt recommend you to our family & friends, do the reviews on social media, and keep you in mind for future events!  :)

Thank you again. I hope we stay in touch!  Let us know if you ever are in Portland, Oregon!  We hope you and your family a prosperous and happy year!

Mandy & Carl from USA 

Dear Vicky & Issac,

Thank you so much for all the efforts and made the wedding so wonderful. I definitely will recommend you and Issac to any "in-law to be" that we know in Hong Kong. 

Everyone was so impressed by the wedding decorations, the professional timing coordination which made everything go smooth as planned.  Mr Tsang is also so impressed about you and your team's calm and patience for handling all the issues that need to be solved right away.

We definitely will hire "The Theme Wedding Design" as our future event planner for our any upcoming event. Thanks again for making Mandy's & Carl's wedding so successful and wonderful.

Mrs. Tsang
Mother of the Bride


Mandy & Carl


The Theme Wedding helped to make our wedding day enjoyable to the very last moment. We felt relaxed during the whole process knowing that The Theme Wedding was behind us organizing all of the details.

The team is reliable, detail-oriented, patient, proactive and professional and we would recommend their wedding planning services to all of our friends who are planning to tie the knot.

Thank you so much! Our wedding day was absolutely amazing!

Charmian & Tyler

Beas River Country Club

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Just like most of the brides, I thought I could handle everything myself at the very beginning. On our intensive two-day wedding, you and your team have definitely helped out so much and I can't imagine if those days without you all.

Thank you so much for your help.

Simone & Tom

The Bride & The Groom

Vicky is a wonderful wedding planner and has recently helped us in our daughter's wedding. She is creative, immensely helpful and patient, and highly meticulous in planning. We enjoyed the whole process. Our guests also had a great time at the ceremony and the banquet.

Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Cheng Hoi-Chuen (GBS OBE JP)

Parents of the Bride

Hong Kong Club & Happy Valley Club House

We feel so lucky to get to know you and have you orchestrated our wedding.


Thank you so much for everything you've done for our wedding.


Without your help, I cannot imagine how it'll turn out. You are just awesome!


Kelsey & Alfred

One Thirty-One

Know more about the Real Wedding

Thank you for your excellent work!


Our wedding would not have been so smooth if did not have the professional work of you and your team. Thank you so much!


Chermaine & Leslie

JW Marriott Hong Kong

A huge thank you to our amazing wedding designers!

Our special day wouldn't be so smooth and stress free if we did not have you all. I couldn't imagine how it would be if without you! From creating the theme to making everything happen, your professionalism and attention to all details are outstanding!

It was the best decision to have you for our wedding! You are the best!

Thank you!

Mr. & Mrs. Ernst

Hong Kong Jockey Club

Really thanks for your help on our wedding. We are very happy to have your team along us! The best wedding planner ever... Without your help, our wedding won't be that smooth and well-organized! It meant a lot to us!


Thanks Vicky for your thoughtful assistance and beauty advice which make me as the prettiest bride on my big day! Thanks so much for being our Wedding Designer!

Thanks for everything… Everything is just so perfect!

Alice & Kenneth

Conrad Hong Kong

Donald and I would like to express our gratitude to The Theme Wedding Design for creating our dream wedding.

We met The Theme Weeding Design two years ago for the first time. When they showed us some of their previous wedding ideas, my mind told me that is exactly what I want for my wedding, and this is the wedding designer I want for no hesitation.

Deciding to have them as our wedding designer was one of the best decisions we have made ever. (To be honest, I'm a very picky bride). They showed their professionalism on how they prepared, designed and organized our wedding.

They are well-organized. After every meeting, we received all recap and reminders so that we did not miss any important steps and decisions we had to do. They also recommended great vendors to us and thank you for coordinating well with them!

They were not only our wedding planners, but also our wedding designers! With Vicky's creativity, we had our unique and special wedding theme. She is so patient, caring and meticulous!

We had nothing to worry about on our wedding day! Everything ran smoothly. We could truly enjoy every memorable moment! Our guests enjoyed the day very much and we got many great feedbacks from them.

We are so grateful for having them throughout the wedding planning and on-the-day coordination. Our wedding would not be that perfect without their help. We really appreciate all their hard work and efforts! All fabulous memories will live forever in our hearts!

Iris & Donald

Hotel ICON

We want to take this opportunity to thanks again for all the help, services, efforts and heart you guys put into our wedding. It is really an unforgettable successful big day! We truly want to thanks all of you.


We really love the day, so as our friends and families!


We appreciate your work! Miss you guys!


Cecilia & Forrest

W Hong Kong

Once again would like to thank you so much for your professional help on our wedding day!

At first we did not think a wedding designer/planner could help our wedding since I enjoyed the planning process very much and I thought I could handle most of the stuffs. I have even planned most things and contacted most vendors by myself.

Luckily, we have finally decided to find you! Without you and your team, our wedding day wouldn't be that smooth; Davin and I couldn't enjoy the day so much!

With your team around, it was a total hassle free day. No matter for us, even for our bridesmaids and groomsmen, were all able to have fun and not to worry any single little thing. Everything was managed by your team in good order; schedule and timing were under control.

You are the best! You know what the Bride wants!

As spoke, I'd definitely recommend you to my to-be-married friends, and I'm sure we will meet again in my friends' wedding soon.

Janice & Davin

Harbour Grand Kowloon

The Theme Wedding Design was really helpful in the past year! Without them, our wedding wouldn't be as memorable and perfect as it was! The idea of creating the theme for the wedding makes our wedding unique and special!

Highly recommended to our friends who are busy yet are looking to make your dream wedding comes true!

Yvonne & Chaplin

Aberdeen Marina Club

Wedding was extremely joyful and happy that a lot of guests threw their thumb up on us! I am sure our guests did enjoy so much and had a great memorable evening.


So pleased to have you to be our planner with brilliant idea and timely follow up during the past few months and arrangement on day.


Let's stay in touch.

Gigi & Patrick

JW Marriott Hong Kong

Watson and I can't be more thankful for the great effort of The Theme Wedding Design. Vicky is brilliant in helping us to tailor-made a splendid wedding theme and all our guests were amazed by the creativity and outcomes.

Seriously, I really cannot imagine what will happen if I don't have the team on my wedding day. I was one of the most absent-minded brides and on my wedding day I really don't need to care or think about anything else because the team will handle literally all the things for us.

Again, big thanks for The Theme Wedding Design in making my wedding a great success

Leone & Watson

Hotel ICON

Thank you so much for all that you've done for us during the wedding and also the year of preparation leading up to it.

Throughout the planning process, you kept us on-track and on-schedule, with timely reminders and touch-points. We did not stress throughout the planning and preparation and most importantly, we did not stress during the wedding. We knew and trusted that you and your team would take care of it and make sure the entire day will roll smoothly. We, even our parents and other family members, are impressed by your professionalism and service.

Thank you so much again!

Michelle & Kevin

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel

Our wedding wouldn't have been so perfect without the help of my wonderful team from The Theme Wedding Design! I am such a careless and forgetful bride. Even there were so many last minute issues; you were able to resolve them all efficiently. It made our day went so smooth!


All our bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents agreed you guys were of great help! I was able to relax and enjoy every moment without stress because Vicky was there to answer all the questions from anyone.


Having you guys is definitely one of the smartest decisions I've made throughout the planning. Thank you!


Kristy & Conrad from USA

Hotel ICON

Thank you so much for your great effort, I really can't imagine how the situation would be if without you and your team.


From the pre-wedding planning till the wedding day arrangement, you and your team did a really great job and helped us a lot. All of our guests enjoyed the wedding so much and they were appreciated on the wedding theme design.


Thank you for the arrangement and coordination. Hope to see you soon on the upcoming wedding.

- from Mrs. Kwok


It's perfect to have The Theme Wedding Deisgn on our wedding planning since one and a half year ago. She designed our perfect wedding which definitely creates a unique memory to us.


Issac has also presented his professionalism on being a MC of the night and one of the coordinators of the whole-day schedule. I truly believed they had devoted themselves so much on event planning that not only treated as their career but to have a heartfelt blessing to the brides and grooms by means of which is the same as their tagline - Create your Perfect Wedding. It is not only a service; friendship is also built among us. We sincerely thank you for the great day.

- from Mr. Kwok


Zinnia & Roy

Hotel ICON

We are referred by my elder sister which she was very satisfied with their service.
From pre-wedding preparations to wedding day arrangement, the wedding planning went smoothly with their vendors suggestion, communication with hotel and vendors, time management etc. On the Wedding Day, the seamless whole day rundown and arrangement, as a contact point for different parties to refer to which is important.
With their help, we saved a lot of time and effort to worry about our wedding.

Matching & Po

Kerry Hotel Hong Kong

Thanks Issac and Vicky for the wonderful planning and perfect execution today. Your team has been very helpful and our wedding would not be as beautiful and stress free without you guys.

You and your team are absolutely amazing! We wouldn't have been to do it without you guys! Will definitely recommend you to our friends!!

Agnes & Eric

Conrad Hong Kong

Thanks Vicky and Issac! Honored to have you guys in our weddings!


Heidi & Martin

The Bride & The Groom



We are very grateful to Vicky and her team for planning Heidi and Martin's wedding.  The planning was meticulous down to every detail with time lines for every item. 


Vicky was tremendously patient, helpful and pleasant, a real pleasure to work with.  We would recommend Vicky to any couple who want to have a memorable, joyful, and successful wedding party. 


She is more than a wedding planner; she is now a friend of our family after the weddings our two daughters.


Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Cheng Hoi-Chuen (GBS OBE JP)
Parents of the Bride
Hong Kong Club & JW Marriott Hotel

Heidi & Martin

Hong Kong Club & JW Marriott Hong Kong

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